About an inspirited oldtimer Ingeneer`

In case, you wonder about my seemingly odd way of spelling ingeneer.  Click on engi– or inge–neer … where I introduce you to the word ingeneer in many international languages, after which you will indubitably agree with my spelling.


What’s an inspirited ingeneer?  The word has many meanings, and in my stories, it takes on one or another.  Let me refer you to explanations from thesaurus and etymology sites.

The nominative form: to inspirit can mean:

1.  to infuse spirit into, fill with courage, or exaltation

2.  to cause to be possessed by a spirit

3.  To infuse new life or spirit into; to animate; to encourage; to invigorate.

The past tense participle inspirited would mean:

1.  to be filled with spirit or courage, or be exalted

2.  to be possessed by

3. to be animated and invigorated.

Reflecting on myself, I am glad to say, that all of the above applies to me, especially the ingeneer part of me.

As you notice, in my work as ingeneer, I like to be exact.  Following the proverb: The job is only complete when all paperwork is done.


In the headline, I also mentioned the word artistic.  You may wonder how the left brain activity of ingeneering can harmonise with the Arts?  In my life, curiosity would find creative expression not only in ingeneering but also in Arts.  Soon I discovered that there is no difference between the two.  I write more about this in my article Art in Ingeneering


No worries, it is not as much about me than about my adventures working as ingeneer.  This is the reason for starting this particular blog for the many ingeneering topics I have written, which do not fit any of my other blogs…  My other Sites.

My primary objective, as always is:   Enjoy


Amadeus W.

26 March 2015

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